Consumer Action will

  • Pursue law reform to extend unfair contract term prohibitions to insurance, establish fair minimum standards for common insurance products, and abolish sales incentives and practices that disadvantage people
  • Advocate for unnecessary and problem products to be improved or removed from the market
  • Monitor and, where necessary, challenge claims processes and complaints-handling to ensure consumers are treated fairly


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Fair insurance projects

Time to Play Fair – the insurance industry has long enjoyed special treatment under our laws. Insurers aren’t required to comply with basic consumer protections they get from the ban on unfair contract terms that exists under the Australian Consumer Law. This means our insurance market isn’t fair, safe and genuinely competitive, and we think it’s time that changed. We’ll campaign for legislative changes to bring insurance law into line with modern consumer law. We’ll also campaign for product standardisation so that consumers can actually compare one insurance product with another and pick the product that really is right for them.


Refunds for junk – many people are buying low value or unnecessary insurance products like consumer credit insurance or extended warranties. They may not even realise they’ve done so, because it’s bundled in with another more significant purchase, like a car or a household appliance. We think that’s dishonest. People should know exactly what they are buying and have enough time to think about whether they really need it, rather than having it forced on them at the point of sale. This is driven by incentives for salespeople, who push these products to people even if they know or suspect they are of little or no value to them. We’ll keep the industry accountable for its poor sales practices, and campaign for reforms that enable people enough time to think about add-on insurance before they sign up.


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