Consumer Action will

  • Advocate for access to effective industry internal and external dispute resolution (EDR) processes and schemes, a single EDR scheme per industry sector, and industry EDR schemes in new market sectors
  • Ensure people are not disadvantaged by mediation and other alternative dispute resolution procedures
  • Use court and tribunal forums where there no alternative dispute resolution forums exist, or to facilitate test cases where the law is unclear
  • Use the recommendations arising from national and state reviews to advocate for improved access to justice


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Effective consumer dispute resolution projects

Financial services sector EDR – competition might, under the right conditions, work for goods and services, but it creates a race to the bottom in EDR schemes. We are campaigning for effective EDR outcomes in the financial services sector.


Access all areas – VCAT was established to provide an affordable and quick dispute resolution forum for Victorians. It has become increasingly expensive and legalistic, can take far too long to get a hearing date, and often requires the provision of expert evidence beyond the financial capacity of the applicant. We need to reduce the costs, speed up the process, and help Victorians get on with their lives. This includes exploring new ways to resolve disputes using online forums for those who would otherwise be waiting too long to ventilate their grievance, or who can’t easily get to Melbourne or a regional tribunal for a hearing. We’ll work collaboratively with other VCAT users, as well as the legal profession and the State government, to make this happen during this term of government.


Car troubles – this is a perennial problem and a significant number of our clients seek our advice on how to resolve disputes with their motor vehicle trader. For many of them, a functioning vehicle is the only way they can balance work, childcare and other family obligations. The current dispute resolution process is slow, unbalanced and costly. We need fast, free and fair ways to resolve the dispute, and get our clients back on the road and on with their lives.


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