Consumer Action will

  • Campaign for fairness and suitability in all consumer financial and credit products
  • Pursue legal and regulatory reform in consumer credit products and services with a specific focus on exposing business models and products that are harmful to people experiencing vulnerability
  • Advocate for the implementation of strong consumer protections arising from the Financial Services Inquiry


Senior Policy Officer - Katherine Temple

(03) 8554 6912

Consumer credit and financial services projects

Fair and safe financial products and services - financial inclusion isn’t just about access to financial services, but protection from exploitative products that are inappropriate to consumers' needs. Consumer leases, payday lenders and pawnbrokers target high cost credit at people excluded from mainstream finance, and contribute to financial hardship and chronic debt. We will campaign for real reforms in this area, ensuring the real costs are disclosed, welfare payments don’t subsidise dodgy businesses, irresponsible lending and damaging marketing practices are exposed, and unfair contract terms stamped out.


Credit where it’s due – credit card providers encourage over commitment which can lead to severe financial difficulty.  Credit cards are the top offender in the consumer credit category, with decisions about credit limits based on capacity to pay only the minimum due, not the full amount available on the card, and high interest rates far above the RBA cash rate.  It’s also really tricky to cancel a card once you have one.  We will campaign for responsible lending requirements based on capacity to pay back the amount borrowed, and the ability to cancel an account online.