Our practice

Our policy and campaign work integrates with our casework to deliver on our 2017-21 strategic plan. We identify issues from casework and other sources that contribute to consumer problems, and develop appropriate responses, by:

- Ensuring consumer interests are recognised and represented in policy debates;

- Providing an effective and credible public voice for Australians on consumer issues, particularly the disadvantaged and vulnerable;

- Advocating for changes to laws, regulations, and industry practices;

- Contributing to the body of knowledge of consumer issues and laws through original research;

- Developing strategic partnerships, both traditional and unusual; and

- Building capacity within the consumer movement.

How we decide

There are many consumer issues that impact Australians, and we prioritise the issues on which we work to ensure that our resources are used strategically, efficiently and effectively for their benefit. We select issues based on:  

- Concerns emerging from our legal and financial counselling casework  

- Their significant impact on disadvantaged and vulnerable people  

- Broader impacts, for example market failures or lack of competition  

- Opportunities for change through advocacy and public debate  

- Our ability to contribute our specialist skills and knowledge  

- The potential for collaboration and partnerships to deliver benefits for the Australian community 

Policy & Campaign Priorities

We will remain responsive to consumer policy issues and debates as they arise, and will focus on six priority areas during 2017-18. We are credible experts, agile in our approach to emerging issues, integrated across casework, policy & campaigns, collaborative internally and externally, progressive and bold. We have identified several streams of project work that will be the focus of our policy and campaign work in 2017-18.  


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