"...by changing the way we use language, we can change even more lives"

Consumer advocates and financial counsellors change the lives of Australians every day, but the movement uses language that helps opponents and creates an emotional disconnect. 'People who help people' is a practical guide to language that works. To change more lives, consumer advocates and financial counsellors need to transform the way we talk about ourselves and the people we serve.

The report

'People who help people' was written by Jonathan Brown (Consumer Action Law Centre). The report was produced as part of the Australian Progress Messaging and Communication Fellowship 2016 with the support of internationally renowned language expert Anat Shenker-Osorio.

How can I use the report?

'People who help people' gives a range of practical tips consumer advocates and financial counsellors can use to improve their messaging.

Cheat sheets

Download the cheat sheets here [PDF]

A simple double sided sheet to stick up around offices and at desks.


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