New infographic: The problem with lemon car disputes

It should be easy for Victorians to get a refund or a repair from the car dealer if they purchase a defective, lemon car.

Consumer Action’s new infographic shows the confusing and onerous steps Victorians take to solve their lemon car disputes, which often see them giving up.

We compare the current mess to Consumer Action’s proposal for “Car Disputes Victoria”, a new specialist body closely modeled on the Domestic Building Disputes Resolution Victoria and based on a recommendation in the Government’s own Access to Justice Review.

It’s all about making car dispute resolution free and timely while maintaining the independence of the Tribunal system. We all know how important cars are for many Victorians, particularly people in regional and suburban growth areas. Whether it’s getting to work, picking up the shopping or dropping the kids off at school, many families simply can’t afford to be off the road.

If you think Car Disputes Victoria is a good idea, click here to send a message to your local MP.

Download the infographic here [PDF]

Fix My Car - infographic-1
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