AER: rejects Power and Water Corporation’s request for lodgment date request

“The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has not accepted Power and Water Corporation’s (PWC) request for a three month extension to the lodgement date of its 2019-24 regulatory proposal. PWC had sought to lodge its proposal on 30 April 2018, rather than the 31 January 2018 lodgement date which is specified in the electricity rules.

We do not consider a delay of three months is likely to provide for a more efficient and effective consultation process. As the 2019 to 2014 regulatory determination is the first review for PWC under the national framework, we consider that all stakeholders should be afforded the benefit of the full 15 month review process.

We do recognise the challenges on PWC in moving to the national framework, and we do not expect all supporting information for PWC’s capital expenditure program to be submitted with its regulatory proposal. We will work with PWC to ensure this information is available for review by us and other stakeholders as soon as practicably possible after 31 January 2018.”

Full AER post:

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