AER: final decisions on ring fencing waiver applications

“On 18 December 2017, we released our decision on applications for ring-fencing waivers from 13 electricity distribution businesses. We have in many cases granted the waivers requested.

The majority of waivers granted are temporary to allow DNSPs to continue to provide certain services until the next regulatory review, providing a stopgap until new regulatory arrangements can be put in place to facilitate ring-fencing compliance at the next review. There are also a number of waivers for short-term extensions allowing the distribution businesses to continue with existing operating arrangements while new separate legal entities are being established. A few waivers have longer durations, for specific circumstances unique to each DNSP.

All of the waivers granted commence on 18 December 2017. They expire on the dates indicated in our decision and in the relevant waiver notices, which are available on our website. The distribution businesses are also required to publish the notices on their websites.”

Full AER post:

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